Sculpt & Shred

Sculpt & Shred

Improving muscle tone and changing the shape of your body requires you to develop lean muscle and meet your daily protein requirements. The supplements in our Sculpt & Shred range work together to sculpt lean muscle so that you look lean and sexy.


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OxyShred Ultra ConcentrationOxyShred Ultra Concentration RAINBOW CANDY NOW AVAILABLE
OxyShred Ultra Concentration - Enjoy the energy, feel the burn and get active. Trusted by millions of people globally for delivering RESULTS.
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Acetyl L-Carnitine | Shredding Support
Acetyl L-Carnitine | Shredding Support - A naturally occurring amino acid that promotes shredding.
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OxyShred HardcoreOxyShred Hardcore
OxyShred Hardcore - If you train Hardcore, diet Hardcore and you're Hardcore serious about getting results - OxyShred Hardcore is designed for you.
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OxySleep Night Time Shred FormulaOxySleep Night Time Shred Formula Available in 3 Flavours
OxySleep Night Time Shred Formula - Night time, non-stimulant shred aid available in 3 delicious flavours.
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Beyond BCAA | Hydration Intra-WorkoutBeyond BCAA | Hydration Intra-Workout Available in 6 flavours
Beyond BCAA | Hydration Intra-Workout - Beyond BCAA is scientifically formulated with the optimal proven 2:1:1 ratio of the branched chain amino acids: leucine, iso-leucine and valine.
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ISOPEPT Hydrolyzed Whey ProteinISOPEPT Hydrolyzed Whey Protein NEW FORMULA
ISOPEPT Hydrolyzed Whey Protein - Fuel your muscles with 27g of the highest quality Whey Protein and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
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OxyShred | Non-StimOxyShred | Non-Stim NEW FLAVOUR
OxyShred | Non-Stim - OxyShred Non-Stim is perfect for late night trainers or for anyone with a caffeine or stimulant intolerance and gets you moving and burning calories.
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OxyShred Rainbow Candy NOW AVAILABLE
OxyShred Rainbow Candy - Limited Edition Flavour
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OxyWhey Twin Pack Plus SALE - SAVE 28%
OxyWhey Twin Pack Plus - $179.85 If you love your versatile whey protein and cannot bare the thought of running out, look no further than the OxyWhey Twin Pack.
EHP Essentials Stack SALE - SAVE 30%
EHP Essentials Stack - $269.80 Maximise your shred and meet your daily protein intake with the EHP Essentials Stack.
High Stim Fat Loss Stack SALE - SAVE 24%
High Stim Fat Loss Stack - $189.85 This stack has been created for those looking to get aggressively shredded and train hard in the gym.