EHPlabs super-dosed thermogenic fat burner OxyShred Hardcore is back, and this time you better 'pucker up'! This is the ZINGY and SWEET punch to the system you've been waiting for.

We are Lust Natural Protein and we believe eating clean shouldn’t be boring. Our mission is to provide indulgence without the guilt.

Here's our CEO explaining everything you need to know about LUST Protein Bars.

Everything you need to know - from the lead scientist behind this product, Izhar Basha.
Take your training to the next level with Perform Peak Performance Optimizer.

Perform is the first of its kind as an elite sports performance supplement with nootropic benefits. It has been specifically formulated to optimise both brain and body functions and can be taken every day in a 3-capsule serving.
Dr Mike Diamonds took CREA-8 for 7 days and explains what happened:

'I took it upon myself to do this experiment of adding creatine into my routine. This video will dive into the science and how my body responded to
this highly researched supplement.'

Earlier this year EHP Labs hosted the Sydney Fitness Expo and gave out 40,000 LUST bars and recorded what everyone thought about them.

How would we describe the taste?
- 'Quite simply; mouth-watering, smooth and rich in flavor'

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