Online Coach

Rochelle Wilson

I always encourage my clients to eat a well balanced diet while supplementing with quality products to fill those nutritional gaps in their diet - and allow them to achieve their desired results. 
EHP Athlete Since: 2020
Fun fact: I started training from a very young age doing competitive swimming. I was swimming 4 hours a day - up to 65km a week - along with 3 gym sessions a week!

Rochelle Wilson is an online coach helping clients in training and nutrition. She began her fitness journey at a young age doing competitive swimming which involved swimming up to 65km a week a week!

Her journey to date hasn't just been about fitness and she is also very focused on healing.

"I set myself free from an eating disorder, depression, trauma & anxiety by digging deep & healing the girl inside. By following my passion with whole foods & strength training I was able to put the pieces back together - better than before. Once you work out what’s going on - on the inside, that’s where the real transformation begins. Your fitness & physique is a bonus. I love encouraging my clients to look past their exterior & look within. I believe my past of distorted eating & body image allows me to help & encourage others to transform their mind & body. I always wished I had someone guiding me through what I went through but it fulfils me knowing I’m that person now for someone else."

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