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Gone are the days when eating out breakfast lunch and dinner was a sign of success, today those at the top of their game in relation to life, career, and health, are turning to their own kitchen to help keep them leveling up. So why are so many jumping on the meal prep bandwagon and taking their meals with them to school, work, even functions rather than just eating what is placed in front of them?

It has been fairly common knowledge for a long time that eating out can be very expensive, which for many is the first and most obvious motivation for cooking your own meals. But these days there are plenty of success stories out there which prove that preparing your own meals can have a huge impact on your waistline and overall health. Whether you are counting calories, counting macros, flexible dieting or just trying to eat healthier, cooking the majority of your own meals makes sense.

Benefits of Meal Prep:
  • Education and awareness - you know exactly what you are eating and how much of it.
  • Control - you can alter the meal, recipe, and ingredients to suit your personal goals and preferences.
  • Decreased waste - Cooking in bulk and refrigerating or freezing your portioned out meals means less goes to waste.
  • Decreased spend - Because you are wasting less, you are only buying what you need, and you have control over the source of your ingredients, you are able to keep that budget down!
  • Weight Management - Whether you are eating to achieve particular goals, or to fuel your body for your athletic pursuits, having control over your ingredients and portion sizes will have a huge benefit on your progress. You are also less likely to indulge in snacks or meals that don’t support your goals if you already have a meal ready to go in the fridge or freezer.
  • Decreased Decision Fatigue - Ever get sick of having to choose what to eat? Decision fatigue is a real phenomenon and can impact how positive the choices we make are. For busy people leasing full and demanding lives, decreasing the need to make choices when we are busy or tired eliminates the likelihood of these choices being nutritionally poor ones that don’t support our lifestyle and goals.
  • Healthy Treats - You can prepare healthy versions of snacks and treats and have control over how indulgent they are. So when you’re craving a sweet treat, you have a pre-prepared delicious snack ready to eat. This decreases the chances of grabbing a handful of something tasty but not so nutritious. For some healthy sweet treat inspo, check out our 3 Way Blessed Ball recipe below.


The great thing about meal prep is that you can do as much or as little as you like. There are countless meal prep businesses out there that will deliver a healthy, fresh meal to your door, you just need to heat and eat! This is a great option for busy individuals that don’t have time to cook. For those that are ready to prep their own meals, the best place to start is to put aside a few hours on one of your weekend days to shop and cook.

You can get as simple or as creative as you like, depending on your circumstances, budget and time you have available. The best way to approach things is to decide if you want to prep all of your meals for the week, or just a few, such as lunches or dinners. Once you have planned what you will be prepping, write your shopping list based on the amounts you want to cook, and head to the grocery store.

You can use the meal prep method to portion out your meals, to ensure your eating according to your energy needs. You will need to make sure you have plenty of space in your fridge or freezer and lots of food containers! The Blessed Lunch Bento Box is the perfect size for lunch or dinner meals, and for a limited time is available for FREE with any Blessed Protein purchase where you will receive all 3 Blessed Protein flavors and a Blessed Bento Box.

You may also want to prep your snack for the week, which could be as simple as including an apple, banana or even hummus and carrot sticks in your meal prep. Or if you have a bit of a sweet tooth you could try making our 3 Way Blessed Balls, which can be made with any one of the 3 delicious Blessed Protein flavors, popped into your Blessed Bento Lunch Box for a busy day out and about. Check out the recipe below:

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