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What is SENACTIV®?

SENACTIV® is a science backed patented recovery booster ingredient for support of energy production that is included in our new BEYOND BCAA+EAA intra-workout formula.
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What is SENACTIV®?

SENACTIV® is a science backed patented recovery booster ingredient for support of energy production that is included in our new BEYOND BCAA+EAA intra-workout formula.

SENACTIV® can assist with recovery from exercise by preserving muscle cells and helping your body to regenerate new cells.

Why is it useful?

SENACTIV® works synergistically with the amino acids in BEYOND to make it a beneficial recovery booster. It also helps to increase energy making it useful during your workout. It mitigates inflammation and can help to speed up the recovery process.

SENACTIV® can also help to improve endurance and stamina.

How does it work in BEYOND?

SENACTIV® increases production of citrate synthase- which is the first enzyme reaction in the citric acid cycle assisting with energy production and helping to improve recovery. It can help increase removal of old muscle cells and replenish the body with healthy new muscle cells.

SENACTIV® can help elevate glycogen levels after exercise. Glycogen accumulates more in the body than without SENACTIV® for glycogen-depleting exercise.

SENACTIV® increases glycogen re-synthesis to help with recovery- working synergistically with the essential amino acids in BEYOND.

How does it compare to similar patented ingredients?

SENACTIV® is different from other patented ingredients as it has a competitive difference by having a unique formulation and 10 years of research behind it including 2 in vivo studies and 4 human clinical trials.

SENACTIV® differs from patented ingredients that enhance energy as it doesn’t contain caffeine and will naturally will help the body to produce natural energy.

SENACTIV® also assists with recovery through removing old muscle cells and replenishing with new healthy muscle cells while also increasing glycogen levels to help assist with recovery. These two very different benefits make SENACTIV® unique and give it a point of difference from other ingredients for recovery or energy.

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