Set your goals for 2022 and reach them with OxyShred!
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Set your goals for 2022 and reach them with OxyShred!

This article aims to empower you with vital nutrition knowledge to help you reach your goals 
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EHPlabs athlete & registered dietician Mark Robinson shares some vital nutrition knowledge to help you reach your goals this 2022!

Nutrition is often made out to be unnecessarily complicated, which unfortunately leads to varying interpretations of what the best nutritional choices may be for one to achieve their goals in health. It’s almost a new year and it’s prime time summer here in Australia so it’s therefore the perfect time to set our health goals and trim a couple kilo’s.

Nutrition terms can be confusing! Read on to learn the basics of how to achieve your fat loss goals.


‘Energy’ is the overriding term for weight: as in weight consumed daily through nutrition and weight expended daily through exercise and resting metabolism. Energy is measured in either kilojoules (kJ) or Calories (Cal). However, these terms are not equal in value: 1 Cal is equivalent to 4.2 kJ.


The next most important nutrition term in my opinion is Macronutrients! You have all likely heard of these as the abbreviation Macro’s is thrown around rather frequently these days and sometimes carelessly! The three macronutrients are: Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat. Though, there is a fourth; Alcohol! We need to know exactly why these are called Macronutrients and what makes them so important to helping us achieve (or despairingly fail) our goals! The answer is that these are the providers of Energy and also the determinants of whether that Energy is functionally in line with your goals or just simply a wasted Energy conducive to the complete opposite of what you may be tirelessly trying to achieve!


Every time you consume 1 gram of Protein you are also ingesting 4 Calories (or 16kJ). Secondly, these 4 Calories are fortunately extremely functional for Muscles! In fact, they will likely be stored in your muscle to provide Growth, Recovery and Strength! This also makes Protein the leanest of the food groups and essential for fat loss!

Aim to include Protein in every meal and snack of the day. EHPLabs Protein shakes, like Isopept Zero and OxyWhey, provide the perfect morning or afternoon tea protein dosage in a tasty, convenient way.


Carbohydrates contain 4 Calories per 1 gram, though these Calories require you to use them through exercise! These are Energy providing Calories that will definitely feed you some liveliness, but if you neglect their function, that’s when over time they will store as a Fat! Hence the importance of Carb Timing and Doses!

I recommend a moderate dose of carbs and importantly at functional times, such as Breakfast, morning tea and lunch, to align with fat loss goals


A significantly greater contributor of Calories, 9 Cal (or 37kJ) per 1 gram. Yes, very functional for weight gain! Of course there are plenty of benefits from consuming plant based fats, known as Unsaturated fats, namely Hormone Secretion, Skin Rejuvenation, Brain Power and Anti-inflammation, though weight loss is NOT one of Fats functions! EHPLabs OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine help transport fat to the mitochondria where it can be transferred into energy, thus assisting fat loss! Incidentally, they also both positively impact our mood and cognitive thought processes.


Don’t forget is the fourth and final Macronutrient, as it too is a significant contributor to Calories and indeed the most useless in its function! 1 gram of Alcohol equates to 7 Cal, put into perspective; a standard drink has 10 grams of Alcohol, therefore 70 Calories from the Alcohol content alone to sit around the stomach! For those who have embarked on a New Year shred you may have come across the term energy deficit.

Energy Deficit simply means consuming less daily energy than expended energy. An individual’s daily energy expenditure is dependent on a number of factors; including age, muscle tone, daily nutrition patterns and choices, genes and of course exercise type, intensity and frequency.

Resting metabolism is the term given to the speed at which we burn up energy/weight whilst not intentionally performing exercise. Thus, when in a resting state – energy is used to aid in essential living requirements of breathing, maintaining homoeostatic body temperature, cognitive function and digestion. This resting metabolism is therefore positively related with younger age, lean muscle tone or fat free mass, small frequent meals and snacks and food choices high in fibre. OxyShred can assist with speeding up your metabolism, especially when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning as it puts our body in a state of more efficient fat burning throughout a workout session as well as the rest of the day ahead making the perfect addition to a fat loss goal! The New Limited Edition Oxyshred Lychee Daiquiri is now available and should be a necessity in your fat burning routine this new year. OxyShred Lychee Daiquiri tastes exactly like the famous cocktail reimagined to help with your fat loss goals not hinder them! Embrace the new year with sustainable goals that reward the process, effort and journey as well as the outcome, results and destination. Remember, food is functional, so simply be conscious of what you’re eating at what times.


Health Man Mark, Dietitian

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