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OxyShred! What can't it do?

Whether you want to reach fat loss goals, need an energy hit OR if you want a sharper mind, OxyShred is your answer. With added nootropic ingredients you’re bound to be functioning better than ever.
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Whether you want to reach fat loss goals, need an energy hit OR if you want a sharper mind, OxyShred is your answer. With added nootropic ingredients you’re bound to be functioning better than ever.

Nootropics. What even are they?

Nootropics are the new buzz word in the training world. If you haven’t heard of them, it's time to get them in your supplement regime ASAP. Nootropics are the ultimate supplement that will boost your brain health, give you an edge with your training, and heighten your work productivity. They are aimed to improve things like focus, concentration, memory, and other cognitive functions. Also known as “smart drugs”, nootropics are popular with hard working exec’s and students alike.

The word ‘Nootropic’ originates from the Greek language. ‘Noo’ meaning mind, and ‘Trope’ meaning change. In simple terms, Nootropics work by changing the way your brain functions. Many of these changes are due to increased production of, or sensitivity to neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that affect how your brain works. Nootropics can be very helpful with cognitive function, but they also need to be combined with other certain vitamins and minerals for their effects to be optimized, which is why we have formulated them into our OxyShred range.


How many times have you set yourself up to do an exercise, started repping out, and then stopped your set despite knowing you had a few more reps left in the tank?

Or maybe you’ve loaded up the bar with a new personal best and failed because you let yourself get psyched out.The answer is simple - by affecting your brain, nootropics also affect your body, and your ability to train. After all, your brain is the boss of your body, and what it says goes. It doesn't matter if your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, strength, or performance-based; If you can get your brain charging at the right levels, your workouts will be much more productive and enjoyable.

Your mental state can make or break your workouts, and nootropics can help make sure you have more good days than bad. Keep reading to find out the best way to use nootropics for your specific goal.


Thankfully we’ve formulated OxyShred products to contain a variety of potent nootropics to ensure you get the best out of your workout AND they taste delicious! There are lots of nootropic agents that can enhance brain function, but the best nootropics for training are:


Acetyl L-Carnitine is derived from the amino acid carnitine attached to an acetyl group. So what does this mean? This particular ingredient can cross the blood brain barrier and has neuroprotective and nootropic effects. When taken this ingredient can help with memory retention, focus, alertness, and improved energy. What’s not to love?


Taurine is an amino acid that acts as a precursor for neurotransmitters specifically GABA which can help to decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. Taurine is also neuroprotective, improving short-term memory function and can help boost your mood. Tyrosine Tyrosine is an important amino acid that acts as a precursor for a variety of neurotransmitters including dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. Tyrosine can help to improve focus, memory, motivation and coordination when exercising. It’s also used frequently as a mood boosting supplement...hello, good vibes!


Huperzine A is a mental enhancer that inhibits the production of an enzyme-linked to the degradation of acetylcholine. Which in turn boosts levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. With more acetylcholine available, all brain functions will improve, especially memory, focus, and problem-solving. Increasing concentrations of acetylcholine may allow you to contract your muscles more powerfully, leading to increased strength and performance.


It might not be an obvious nootropic, but it's actually a fundamental substance for brain health. Vitamin B6 helps you to produce neurotransmitters naturally and can help you stay more focused. If your mind often wanders during your workout, taking vitamin B6 can help keep you locked on to the task in hand. B6 is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements.




Nootropics make it easier to focus your mind on your workout. Where your mind leads your body follows. Focus is crucial when training with heavy weights, particularly where the margins for failure are very small. How many times have you heard of people injuring themselves in the gym due to sloppy form? This can both be dangerous and counter-productive to your goals. If you find yourself staring at your phone, watching other people work out, or otherwise thinking about anything other than your workout, you have lost focus, and your workout will suffer. To avoid this we recommend taking your favorite flavor of OxyShred 20 minutes before a workout to be at your peak.


Caffeine based products are an excellent option to boost your workouts, but sometimes stimulants aren’t always the best solution. Some exercisers feel anxious after caffeine, and it becomes less potent with repeated use. When you are taking supplements frequently it is important to take small breaks, otherwise, you may gain immunity to the effect of pre-workout supplements. If you’re not into the caffeine based supplements this is where nootropics can come in handy!

For people that suffer from anxiety or stress, nootropics will give you energy without the added jitters, nervousness or energy crash that caffeine can cause. Wanting a supplement that will give you added energy but won’t impact on a good night’s sleep? Nootropics are your answer. Nootropics are safe to use day or night and are a much better choice for caffeine-sensitive individuals or for those who struggle with sleep.

This is where OxyShred Non-stim comes in! In a delicious peach flavor it’s perfect for a night time gym sesh or anytime during the day if you are caffeine sensitive.


Stress and exercise will both increase your cortisol levels. While a little cortisol is not a problem, high, or prolonged excessive levels of cortisol can interfere with muscle gain, training recovery, and can also increase fat storage. Too much stress can also lead to nervous system burnout – otherwise known as mental fatigue. If you feel tired mentally, this will affect you physically. Many nootropics act like adaptogens. Adaptogens help you resist the damaging effect of stress. Nootropics will replenish your supplies of neurotransmitters. Increased concentrations of neurotransmitters can have a significant impact on improving workout performance.


Weight Loss

Not only does Oxyshred products contain nootropics but they also contain ingredients that are going to help you reach your fat loss goals faster.

This blend of ingredients is going to help you feel your best AND look your best! Regular Oxyshred or Oxyshred Hardcore are designed to be taken either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before training for best results.

If you’re training later in the evening or are caffeine sensitive then opt for OxyShred Non-Stim. Oxyshred Non-Stim still has potent fat-burning properties and nootropic ingredients which will increase your focus and energy without impacting on your sleep!

Muscle Gain

If you’re looking to gain muscle and are wanting to use OxyShred as your nootropic of choice then look no further! OxyShred contains glutamine an amino acid to help with lean muscle growth and promotes the release of natural human growth hormone!

Let’s not forget those potent nootropic ingredients to assist with energy, mental focus and clarity during your workout. A personal best in the gym is looking more and more likely for those sweet gains!


Oxyshred products have a variety of vitamins and minerals to assist with energy production. Nootropics to get your mind at peak performance AND potent fat loss ingredients which will have you reaching your goals faster than ever! Whether you’re wanting to improve your focus in the gym, hit a PB, or continue to reach muscle and fat loss goals OxyShred products can get you there!

Nootropics are often thought of as brain pills designed for older individuals, but more and more gym junkies are discovering that they are beneficial for exercise, and your general lifestyle and mood too. Your brain and body are inextricably linked, and if your brain is firing on all cylinders, your muscles will too. If you are looking to get Nootropics into your diet then look no further than the OxyShred range.

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