Not seeing progress? Don't panic!
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Not seeing progress? Don't panic!

We’re here to discuss different factors which may be dictating how well you are progressing and ways in which you can take charge and finish the challenge feeling your absolute best. 
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Not seeing progress? Here's what to do!

We’re officially half way through the EHP Body Transformation Challenge and we hope you’ve been smashing your goals. If things haven’t been completely smooth sailing and your motivation is decreasing - don’t panic! We’re here to discuss different factors which may be dictating how well you are progressing and ways in which you can take charge and finish the challenge feeling your absolute best. 

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a number of ways to accurately measure your progress. Even if you haven’t seen many physical changes yet, it’s important to also reflect how you’re feeling mentally. Throughout this challenge, we encourage you to have a more holistic outlook of progress and establish habits for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is the key to long term success, both physically and mentally. Your health and happiness comes from within - always remember that!

Accurately measure your progress 

Have you been putting in the work yet the numbers on the scales don’t seem to shift? We’ve all been there, and it can be very disheartening. However, the scales alone are not the best measure of progress as they don't tell you how much body fat or muscle mass you have. It’s also a number that should never define your self-worth, you are so much more than that!

There are many factors that dictate the number on the scales which are not attributed to body composition changes such as; meal timing, the macro/micro split of your meal (if it was high in carbs or sodium you are likely to retain more fluid), hydration levels, bowel regularity, medications, weight training, hormonal changes, and even creatine loading. With that being said, how should you measure your progress? 

  • Record a diary of how you’re feeling each week. Reflect on your confidence, happiness, and motivation. Implement strategies to change your mindset and don’t ever doubt what your capabilities are. Remember- life is meant to be enjoyed!
  • Reflect on your exercise technique and how much weight you’re lifting- this an indication you are getting stronger. 
  • Take photos, record body measurements and take note of how well your clothes are fitting. You may start to notice more muscle definition around your body which is an excellent indication of progress!

Assess your diet

Have you been adherent with your meal plan and tracking everything you eat? Diet is usually the biggest change people struggle to implement and stick to. You can train hard, but without adequate nutrition, you won’t get very far. 

Reflect on your diet and aim to stick to the meal plan to the best of your ability. Whilst there is room for flexibility, it’s important not to completely deviate from your recommended calories. If you are making any changes, record them into a calorie tracking app such as MyFitnesspPal to keep your adherence in check. 

Luckily, the challenge meal plans include plenty of delicious recipes for you to choose from, catering for all taste preferences and dietary requirements - so be sure to give them a go and explore all the different options!

Implement progressive overload

In order to progress, it’s essential to increase exercise intensity every 2-4 weeks. In terms of exercise selection, this has already been programmed into the challenge workouts every 2 weeks. However, to combat strength and body composition plateau, you should also increase how much weight you're lifting with those exercises. 

Aim to increase the weight you lift every 2-4 weeks - even if it’s just a little bit heavier!

Consistency over perfection 

No one is perfect, period. Setting the standards too high for yourself can often lead to taking more steps back than forwards. Accept the fact that there will be days where you may fall off track. In the grand scheme of things, this will not make a significant impact towards your progress. Had a bad day? That’s okay. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward, there’s no point dwelling on the past. 

Last but not least, celebrate all wins, no matter how small. It’s these small changes you make each day that lead to big results. If you are fueling your body with nutritious food and training regularly, you will feel amazing and have a happier outlook on life – that’s ALL that matters! 

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