How OxyShred Ultra Energy Is More Than Just An Energy Drink

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How OxyShred Ultra Energy Is More Than Just An Energy Drink

Energy drinks are one of the most popular ways to boost energy whilst on-the-go. Although most energy drinks provide a dose of energy, they tend to almost always be followed by an energy crash.

EHPlabs has always been dedicated to creating the most innovative supplements using scientifically-backed ingredients. OxyShred Ultra Energy has been created as a ready to drink energy beverage that goes above and beyond - not only does it boost energy, but also contains powerful ingredients to accelerate fat burning.

What is OxyShred Ultra Energy?

OxyShred Ultra Energy is a DELICIOUS lightly carbonated, ready to drink beverage that delivers the same benefits as EHPlabs world renowned flagship product OxyShred.

It's different to regular energy drinks as it contains more than just caffeine! It contains powerful fat-burning ingredients, vitamins and minerals for overall health and immune support, blood sugar balancing ingredients & nootropics to help improve your mood...all of this while containing zero sugar!

No shaker or tub required, just grab, go and get results!

Is OxyShred Ultra Energy a fat burner?

OxyShred Ultra Energy contains a fat-burning matrix of ingredients that help stimulate the body’s fat receptor cells and boost metabolism to promote fat cell breakdown. These natural vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients work to promote fat loss in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. OxyShred Ultra Energy has the same benefits of regular OxyShred Ultra Concentration but in a ready to drink can!

What is the difference between OxyShred Ultra Energy and OxyShred Powder?

The biggest difference between these two products is simply the way it’s consumed. OxyShred powder needs to be mixed into a glass of water before consumption. Contrastingly, OxyShred Ultra Energy is already premixed and is ready to drink as soon as you open the can.

Another key difference is the caffeine content. OxyShred power contains 150mg caffeine, whilst OxyShred Ultra Energy contains 113mg of caffeine. Although this is less caffeine than the powder, OxyShred Ultra Energy still delivers a clean and sustained energy boost through the inclusion of additional energy-boosting ingredients.

Ultimately, OxyShred Ultra Energy and OxyShred powder promote the same benefits, despite having some very slight ingredient differences.
What ingredients are in OxyShred Ultra Energy?

OxyShred Ultra Energy contains an array of natural ingredients to boost energy, stimulate fat burning, enhance mood and focus, boost immunity and promote overall wellness.

They key ingredients are:

Metabolism boosting stimulant combination: Includes smart combination of stimulants to deliver a strong and smooth energy hit without the crash. 113 mg total caffeine from, Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana Seed Extract, and Green Tea Extract.

Fat Promoting: Bitter orange extract contains an alkaloid compound named Synephrine, which is a beta 3 adrenergic amine. It targets the body’s fat burning receptors and triggers the body to increase temperature and activate fat burning.

Fat cell shuttle mobilizers: L-Carnitine provides a fat mobilization system to help transport fat cells into the mitochondria of your cells to convert fat to long-lasting natural energy.

Mood Enhancer Nootropics: Similar mood enhancers as OxyShred Ultra Concentration (taurine and tyrosine, which cross the blood brain barrier).This switches on cognitive function, mood elevation and overall focus. Perfect for people that are on a caloric deficit diet - mitigates against brain fog, mood swings and lethargy.

Immunity / Wellness / Blood Sugar Balance: Includes the same ingredients as OxyShred Ultra Concentration to promote immunity and wellness (vitamin C, B vitamins), as well as Chromium Picolinate & Inositol to help balance blood sugar levels and assist with cravings. EGCG from Green Tea Extract is high in antioxidants which are great for your immune system.

What do these ingredients aim to do?

The main benefit that sets OxyShred Ultra Energy apart from other energy drinks on the market, is the inclusion of ingredients that promote fat burning. These key ingredients are:

  • L-Carnitine: transports free fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell where it is burnt off as energy (1). As such, L-Carnitine plays a major role in energy metabolism (1).
  • Bitter Orange Extract: has been shown to increase metabolic rate and energy expenditure which helps stimulate weight loss (2).
  • Chromium Picolinate: is an essential mineral that helps regulate appetite, balance blood sugar levels and reduce cravings (3).
  • B Vitamin Complex: needed for healthy metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats (4).

What makes OxyShred Ultra Energy different from every other energy drink?

Most energy drinks on the market contain excessive amount of stimulants, sugar, and other non-beneficial ingredients, resulting in a hyper-elevated heat rate, dramatically increased blood pressure, unwanted weight gain (due to the high sugar and calorie content), followed by an energy crash leaving you feeling worse than you felt before consuming the energy drink in the first place.

OxyShred Ultra Energy has been formulated to avoid all these issues. OxyShred Ultra Energy contains NO SUGAR, and less than 5 calories, making it a healthier alternative to conventional energy drinks. The amount of caffeine in OxyShred Ultra Energy is a responsible dose, providing clean and sustained energy without the crash. OxyShred Ultra Energy also contains natural ingredients to promote fat loss, amongst an array of other health benefits.

What flavours do OxyShred Ultra Energy come in?

Oxyshred Ultra Energy RTDs come in 5 delicious flavours, so you can be sure to find one you love!

Kiwi Strawberry: The succulent strawberries with the tastiest burst of kiwis will take you back to your 90’s favourite fizzy drink.

Passionfruit: An all-round crowd pleaser with sweet and tangy passionfruit without the pips.

Guava Paradise: A tropical refreshment originating from Central America, is a combination of strawberries and the sweetest of pears that will take you straight to paradise.

Peach Candy Rings: Juicy candy vibes with the sweetness turned up a notch. This tasty gummy lolly flavour will trick you into thinking you’re enjoying your favourite peach candy rings.

Pina Colada: This tropical tropical getaway treat will take your tastebuds to your favourite beach club, infused with fresh coconuts and the juiciest of pineapples.

EHPlabs is dedicated to formulating the most efficacious and safest supplements on the market. Our mission is to help you on your fitness journey to achieve the results of your dreams.

Grab your OxyShred Ultra Energy today and see the results for yourself!

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