8 Ways To Get Your Fitness & Nutrition Back On Track
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8 Ways To Get Your Fitness & Nutrition Back On Track

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Looking to get back on track after taking a break from fitness? We are here to help!

Life throws many curveballs your way, temporarily impacting your ability to stick to a healthy routine. But what’s more important than the setback is the comeback!

It’s time to BE EMPOWERED and take the necessary steps to get your fitness routine and diet back on track - here’s how!

#1 Set some goals

So you want to get back on track… but what exactly does that mean to you and how are you going to achieve it?

The first step is to simply decide within yourself that you want to make a change and be ready to dedicate yourself to being active and eating healthy again. 

The next step is to set some clear goals. The goals you create will allow you to have clear direction and a path to get back onto! Your goal may be to lose fat, build muscle, or maybe simply just move your body again so you feel your best.


#2 Make gradual changes

Let’s face it, making many changes at once is quite difficult, and may actually lead you to give up all together.

The best approach is to make 1-2 small changes at a time. This way, the small changes start to become part of your everyday routine that you’re able to build upon.

For example, you may start with simply aiming to cook your own meals and food prep. Once you’ve got that down pat, your next change might be to go to the gym 3x a week. After that, your next change may be to add a 30 minute walk each day. Doing it like this makes the changes much more sustainable. 


#3 Create a routine

Now that you’ve established some healthy habits, it’s time to create a set routine to follow. Routine gives you structure and improves your ability to stick to these changes long-term. 

When figuring out your routine, some things to consider are: 

  • How many days will I work out? 
  • What time of day will I exercise?
  • Which days will I do my grocery shopping?
  • Will I food-prep or cook fresh each day?

Answering these questions will help guide the schedule you create for yourself and help make exercising and eating healthy fit into your lifestyle.


#4 Create or follow a meal plan

Figuring out what you are going to eat in advance not only saves time in the long run, but it helps keep you on track. 

Take some time to write down some of your favorite meals, and construct your own meal plan for what you will eat each week. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure you have all the ingredients you need to make each meal - there are no excuses!

#5 Organize your workouts

It’s great to want to workout more often, but what exactly will you be doing? Following a structured workout plan ensures that you’re hitting every muscle group, and implement progrssive overload for optimal results.

Don’t get to the gym without a plan - doing unstructured workouts will not yield measurable results. Instead, create your own workout plan, or let the experts do it for you.

#6 Get enough sleep

Sleep may be the most underrated element of a fitness routine. Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night is absolutely essential for optimal muscle recovery, muscle growth, hormone balance, appetite stabilization, and so much more. No matter how busy your schedule, do not sacrifice your sleep.


#7 Use supplements to your advantage

Using the right supplements can make the biggest difference on your health journey - particularly when it comes to keeping you motivated and compliant.

OxyShred is more than just a shredding supplement. Two particular ingredients, tyrosine and taurine, have mood-enhancing properties, as well as boosting focus and performance. Not only will this help make you feel good, but it will improve your motivation and ability to make the most of your training sessions.

Taking your daily supplements can be a useful tool to get you into a wellness routine and help give your body the extra helping hand it needs to reach your physique goals faster.  


#8 Stay accountable & be kind to yourself 

The best way to avoid falling off track once you’ve gotten back on, is to stay accountable. Keep track of your progress, and check in with yourself to see how you are going with your fitness routine and healthy eating plan. Tell your loved ones about your goals, and let them empower you to keep on going!

Falling off track will happen from time to time - and that’s okay. Be kind to yourself and simply do the best you can with the circumstances. EHPlabs is here to help pick you back up and guide you through your fitness journey so that you can become the best version of you.

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